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Freckled Frog Dance Studio

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Royal Court Entertainment is excited to announce our partnership with Freckled Frog Dance Studio, offering exclusive party packages that combine our renowned themed entertainment with the dynamic activities and charming venue space provided by Freckled Frog. This collaboration creates the perfect setting for unforgettable celebrations, where both entertainment and activity are seamlessly integrated for an extraordinary party experience.



- 2.5 Hours in Freckled Frog's Party Room: Enjoy exclusive access to a beautifully decorated space that sets the scene for fun and frolic.

- Expert Coordination by a Party Hostess: Our hostess ensures your event runs smoothly, managing every detail with care.

- A Royal Court Entertainer: Talented entertainers from Royal Court lead the festivities, engaging children with performances tailored to your chosen theme.

- Dynamic Activities by Freckled Frog: Freckled Frog enhances each party with their own signature activities, adding an extra layer of fun and engagement.

- Fun and Games: Delight in two themed games, thoughtfully designed to entertain and engage, complete with prizes for the winners.

- Creative Craft Activity: Inspire creativity with a themed craft that children can take home as a memorable keepsake of a wonderful day.




Choose Royal Court Entertainment and Freckled Frog Dance Studio for your next party and experience the magic of a perfectly planned celebration. Our partnership ensures that every guest enjoys a royal success, filled with enchanting themes, expert entertainment, and engaging activities!


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Each Party Includes:

Make Your Next Party a Royal Affair!

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